Welcome to the 2018 page of Trevor Rees Photography.

Updated monthly with the aim of showing something new - either from the latest dive or from an image produced or shown recently.

Nudibranchs from Scotland's West coast - June 2018

Diving at Loch Carron and there are lots of the sea slug Edmundsella pedata ...more

Jewel anemones at the Eddystone - May 2018

Photographing jewel anemones at the Eddystone lighthouse reef ...more

Easter diving at Loch Carron and Sea toads - April 2018

The Sea toad (Hyas araneus) or great spider crab ...more

Mating time for toads - March 2018

The common toad (Bufo bufo) mating in early Spring ...more

Flatfish at Loch Linnhe, Oban - February 2018

A dab (Limanda limanda) from near Dunollie castle, ...more

First salt water dive of the year at Loch Leven - February 2018

The phosphorescent sea pen (Pennatula phosphorea) ...more

Cover of 'in focus' - February 2018

Little cuttle (Sepiola atlantica) ...more

Another winter quarry dive - January 2018

Photographing pike (Esox lucius) ...more